Various best services through Suzuki Service Centers in Japan

Suzuki, a form of service provided to loyal customers, offers additional services in the form of Suzuki Service Centers. For those who want to use this service, then kamu is called  by the name Halo Suzuki at the phone number 0800-1100-800 You can contact our Contact Centre.

No need to worry, this Halo Suzuki service is also not charged for 24-hour credits. In addition, the service is of course accessible almost all over the world in the country, from Aceh to Papua, far away. Suzuki’s commitment to customer satisfaction is second to none.

Consumers are free to ask questions about Suzuki’s vehicle products, starting with sales, service and replacement spare parts through all the services offered. At one point, 4W Service Manager Totoku Juliant revealed a detailed concept for Halo Suzuki’s service.

With this service, Suzuki is not only waiting for consumers, but also looking for and attracting consumers who need help. According to Totok, the services offered continue to grow and are not only available as information centers. Consumers who are providing services will also be contacted again.

Best ServiceSuzuki Service Center

One of the best service products, Halo Suzuki has proven to be very effective in helping all consumers who are experiencing difficulties. In fact, this is evidenced by a lot of positive feedback from consumers, no matter where they are.

In an interview with Totok Yulianto, he also said that the service can help consumers in an emergency. The form of assistance provided can be not only in the form of traction, but also in the form of a service plan and agenda. In addition, Suzuki will always strive to provide the best solutions and solutions.

If you want to know the address and location of the Suzuki Service Center,  you can also ask a question at  Halo Suzuki.  This official service workshop itself can provide all Suzuki car products, from both two-wheelers and four-wheelers.

If you are a consumer who just wants to ask about technical issues, you can also ask a few questions, such as electrical problems, product recalls, etc. In general, the use of motorcycles is actually a hobby of making variations and modifications to their personal car.

According to existing data, the average number of consumers who use this service can reach the figure of more than 30,000 calls every year. The peak of inquiries is also common at the end of November and December.

To quote directly from the story of totok Yulianto, over the past five years, incoming calls have tended to increase to 33,089 units in 2014 and 2018. In 2018 alone, at least 42,584 units of data were recorded.

The appearance of the new Hello Suzuki logo

Speaking of Suzuki Service Center, of course you need to know about the logo change of Halo Suzuki service. Now, Suzuki has certainly changed the main logo design of the service. What is so interesting comes from the information about logo design that has engaged consumers through national design competitions.

The logo open competition reportedly started from April 1 to 30, 2019. At least 374 participants attended the competition. From this, of course, we can know whether the public’s enthusiasm for this Suzuki product is truly genuine.

The Halo Suzuki service has long been a form of service center service for Suzuki. Established in 2010, we have been aiming to become a diverse information dissemination center for Suzuki’s best products. For the past 10 years, this toll-free service has been Suzuki’s after-sales service.

One of the strategies taken by this private car company is certainly very appropriate because it takes a balanced step in establishing a direct interaction with consumers. Every year, one of these domestic companies actually has a very proud achievement.

Of course, for those of you who are consumers of each product, you can be sure that the reviews or appraisers are very satisfied with n kamu. As an option when deciding on a personal vehicle, it is not wrong to choose the best products of this company.

Learn more about PT Suzuki Indomobile

After knowing some of the best services such as Suzuki Service Center, do you know kalia n about this one company? It is the only brand holder agent in the country with three different automotive products from each other.

Until now, Suzuki Indonesia has fully contributed to the country and society by continuing to provide excellent products that benefit from indigo for the development of the country. The main commitment in professional services in the field of marketing and product services is also an advantage of this one company.

To be able to accommodate all customers, PT SIS certainly offers one number that you can contact anytime, anywhere. If you want to connect directly to Suzuki’s service center services, consumers only need to access 08001100800 numbers. No need to hesitate, you can get all the problems about the product or service.

In fact, PT SIS is the only APM that oversees three types of products. The goal, of course, is to quickly respond to the needs of each customer in relation to information on the best Suz uki products and service center services.

This call center service also includes a Suzuki service center, where consumers can get a variety of information, such as products, prices, official workshop locations, workshop calls, etc. In addition, you can also book the service with full price and knowing the location details.

A brief history of the PT Suzuki Indomobile

Suzuki Corporation is one of the manufacturers of various types of vehicles. Products offered through this manufacturer include automobiles, motorcycles, motor engines and other small internal combustion engines. Historically, the company was first founded in Japan by Michio Suzuki in October 1909.

In 2011, the automaker was declared the 10th largest provider of automotive products in the world. Competitors start with well-known companies such as Nissan, Mazda and Mitsubishi. For this homeland, Suzuki is produced directly by Indombil group companies.

Suzuki has been expanding into the country since October 2010 and has succeeded in spreading its products throughout the country. Currently, PT SIS is headquartered at M.T Haryono Kav.8 in Jakarta Zip Code 13330, Indonesia.

For K am, loyal users of electric vehicles, it is a very suitable choice to use this product. Apart from its excellent quality and products, the price of this product can also compete with the world quality electric vehicles. In addition, the form of service in the form of Suzuki’s service center is no less the reason.