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Samsat   West Java  serves to pay taxes online

Samsat West  Java  is one  of the public objects often visited for various purposes by residents of West Java Province.  This institution  serves various processes related  to the payment of motor vehicle tax and  other related issues.

Like now, during a pandemic,  most public institutions provide  face-to-face services or online  services  to  provide a wide variety of  services.  This includes   services provided to Samsat in West Java Province. Residents can make STNK  payments  with  online  procedures, and payments are made via transfer.

Online service Samsat  TSM  in West Java

Residents of the West Java supply community can pay  for their taxation procedures online in the current period.     This gives you convenience, because  you  don’t have to go  directly to the office.   There is a  special application and it is designed to pay  motor vehicle  tax within its  annual  term.

This method  is  very useful for all residents of the West Java area,  as the features in the program are really fully available.   Samsat in West Java aims  to avoid crowds and prevent the widespread spread of the Corona virus  . Online  payment by  Samsat West Java  can be done with easy procedures such as:

  1. To’lov kodini so’rash

First,  text until you receive the payment code.  Kamu can do it in two ways.  First  , you can get  it  via Samsat Gateway  via SMS.  Secondly, it is possible to resort to Sambara.   This application is easily downloadable on your smartphone.

  1. Make a payment

The  next step in paying the annual tax on motor vehicles  is to carry out  the transfer process.  You have  to pay immediately, as  this is valid for up to 24 hours after  you take the  first  step.

  1. Perform certification

Making payments online does not  force  you to go to Samsat.  But nevertheless,  once the payment process is completed  , the new STNK and ratification exchange must still be made in Samsat  . The maximum specified limit on Samsat     is  30 days after payment.

Everything  can be  done easily and quickly without going to samsat’s office. Using  the app on the smartphone  , everything can be done easily.   Don’t forget  to  bring your original ID card and original STNK to confirm Samsat after paying  taxes.

E – Samsat Jabar Program for Payment

In this  case, Samsat  West   offers extraordinary services to all residents  of the Java West Java community.  They provide tax refunds and certification services easily.  The program used  to make these  payments  is named after E-Samsat  .

If you use the app,  there  are many benefits that  you can benefit from.   If   the inhabitants of The Western Java region use  Western Java E-samsat, here are some things to take  :

  1. Nominatsiyalardan qochish

True, in an era when it is as advanced as it is now, nomination situations occur everywhere. This may also happen in Samsat’s office.   Before you  get there, you  can even  meet a scalper.    In fact, paying with scalpers costs  more than paying directly in   Samsat West  Java.

  1. ATM orqali to’lash

Paying with an ATM is one of the most modern and easy ways.  Anyone can do   this.  Indeed, ATMs have spread widely to remote villages.   If  you pay  a samsat  using an online  application  , you can make payments through an ATM.

  1. Tax revenue violations can be avoided

No one knows that corruption can be carried out by  various parties, including Samsat.” It is the same as you participate in  the elimination of corruption in the tax revenues of  automobile  vehicles for the  government  in making  payments with online  procedures.

  1. Payment of taxes can be made on time

There are  a lot of reasons  why people  pay tax  too late on time.   For example,  because  you  didn’t have  time to return to your home town to pay taxes  , or because you were queuing.    But using the application from Samsat  , timely payments can be made.

Online tax payment terms Samsat West Java

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When making payments online in Samsat , the relevant parties  establish  a different policy that must be followed .  Unless  the policy is being implemented , you will not be able to make payments online .   Some important work and preparation for you can be found below.

  1. Legal vehicles

What west Java Samsat means here is that the car is not in  a blocked  state  – but in legal status. If the vehicle is in a blocked ownership state, then online tax payments cannot be made.

  1. Applies to annual tax payment

In this case, payment of taxes using an online application applies only to annual payments.    However,  for  a 5-year  payment or when changing vehicle plates,  you  need to come directly to the Samsat office.

  1. Having a trading account

Because in this case, the payment is made  using the ATM  , and the taxpayer must definitely   have an account or ATM.

  1. Personal

In this case, payments can  only be made by individual taxpayers, not by institutions or social entities.

  1. Having an active phone number

It explains that when making payments using the Samsat West Java online procedure  , you need to get the payment code above. Thus, the taxpayer  must have an active phone number to obtain a code of salary.

Services Samsat  Can Do in West Java

Samsat Jabar, as in samsat in different regions of the country  , provides you with a variety of public services that  you  can  get.  All services are carried out as  best they can by   the parties  involved. In  general, here are  the services you can make through this office.

  1. Service of vehicles

In this case, it has the functionality for the Samsat Dispenda services in Western Java. People can  do name change duties or motor  vehicle  tax breaks in the office.

  1. Politsiya funktsiyalari

What the police’s job here is to do the function in identifying stolen motor vehicles.  Samsat can determine   the removal of ranmor, registration of  new ranmore, number of ranmor,  etc.

  1. Management of road accident benefits

In  partnership  with PT Jasa Raharja,  agencies in each province can receive  mandatory  donations for  road traffic accident funding as well as  mandatory coverage for passenger accidents  .

The diverse range  of services performed by the  office team  really makes it easier for people to carry out their activities.   All Samsat members cooperate with the Bank  in carrying out their  activities.

The  different options given should really be used as rationally as possible.   Everyone  can  carry out their  activities more  easily so that things can work smoothly.  At  the same time, Samsat West Java  provides services according to its own industries to facilitate its work.