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List of famous districts in West Java

There are a lot of regencies in West Java and almost all have their own specialties. If  you are one of those who have come from West Java, of course you really understand the different types of districts in the province. The Indonesian people certainly understand very well that there are different kinds of benefits that can be found in West Java.

The region is frequented by a variety of tourists from outside and abroad. It hasn’t stopped there, but the culinary part is also constantly growing and becoming increasingly known.

As one of the Indonesian people, of course, you need to understand the different tribes and cultures from other regions.   Similarly, the West Java region is dominated by the Sundanese tribe.   The province of West Java is divided into 18 cities and 9 cities. You can get different types of information through our following information.

The beginning of the West Java Regency was created

West Java or Java Kulon is one of the provinces in Indonesia, which is widely known by others. There are many different provinces in Indonesia itself. Most of them are in large numbers. But not all of this is well known by the Indonesian people.

In The Province of West Java you  will find a variety of unique cultures that will make tourists and locals feel more amazing. But before that the history of West Java may not have been widely known.

In the 5th century, the province was part of the Kingdom of Dharmanekara. The various types of inscriptions left behind by the kingdom are widely distributed in some parts of West Java province. There are about 7 inscriptions written in the Vengi script, most of which use Sanskrit to tell how it tells the king’s journey from Dharmanekara.

Dharmanekara was successfully handicapped and pursued by the Sundanesian kingdom. There are also inscriptions dating back to the era of the Sundanian kingdom, which are still well maintained in the Bogar region. The struggle between the kingdoms did not stop until 1925, when West Java was used as an administrative definition during the rule of the Dutch East India Islands.

It is  also the foundation for the creation  of restorations in West Java. Not only that, the various kinds of developments in West Java continue to this moment, making the people in the province feel more and more secure to develop in different sectors, especially in the economic area.

Have you ever understood all the districts that belong to west Java province? As already mentioned there are about 18 counties and 9 cities. The capital of this province is located in Bandung, and on October 17 in the 2000s many parts of the province will be created as a separate province called Banton.

A list of regency names in West Java

For those of you who are curious about the different names of the districts, here are some districts from Java Kulon that you can know.

  1. Bandung Regency, which has capital in Sorang. This one district has an area of about 1,767 and a population of about 3,145,254. It comprises of 31 sub-districts and 10 sub-districts.
  2. Furthermore, there is the Western Bandung Regency, which has an area of about 1,305. The capital of West Bandung is located in Nangambara, which has a population of about 1,616,203, which is divided into 16 districts.
  3. The Begazi Regency, which has an area of 1,224 cubic kilometers next to the West Java Regency, is the most densely populated as it consists of 23 districts. It has a population of 2,554,376, which is evenly distributed.
  4. The boger is the next one to have a much larger area compared to others. It has an area of about 2,710 cubic km with a population of 4,246,307 in 40 districts.
  5. Sianjur has an area of 3,840 cubic km with 13 sub-districts. It has a population of 2,246,663 in 32 districts.
  6. Siami has a population of 1,228,294. It is divided into 27 sub-districts. The district has an area of 1,414 cubic kilometres.
  7. 984.52 cubic km. Syreban, which has the smallest area with an area, is in the next row. About 2,099,089 people live in 40 sub-districts.
  8. Garud, with an area of 3,074 cubic km, has a population of 2,210,017. Divided by a large number of sub-districts, there are 42.
  9. Indramayu is occupied by 1,845,205 people in 31 different districts. Indramayu’s area is about 2,040 cubic kilometres.
  10. Karawang has an area of 1,652 cubic km and a population of about 2,110,476. The entire Karawang district consists of 30 sub-districts.

There are many more districts in the West Java region. For example, there are Shimahi, Shrebhan, Sukhabhumi, Dasikmalaya, Purvakarta, Sukhabhumi, Majalenga, Bangandaran, Sumedang and others.

Each district should have its own set of specialties. Starting from the economy, tourism, education and many other fields. Although many regencies are owned, West Java has succeeded in building a positive character for its people.

Economics in West Java Regency

In addition to understanding the name of the Regency in West Java, it  turns out that you also understand the various kinds of energy you have  – there is a lot of potential for one of the provinces with so many inhabitants in West Java.

Therefore, when viewed from the point of view of the economy, it turns out that this province is growing in various sectors. Starting from production, agriculture engaged in land and agriculture. There is also a thriving economy in the sea and fisheries as Java is on both sides of the sea.

The economy in West Java continues to grow well. There is no doubt that many residents thrive by trying to use different kinds of efforts to make their province better.

Tourism in West Java Regency

When viewed from tourist destinations, the renovations in West Java never want to be left behind. There are many good places that need to be used as one of the destinations while on vacation. Most of the tourism from this one province is high on nature tourism.

Even so, there are still many visitors from inside and outside the area who come to enjoy the holiday time. If classified, the minimum tourism in West Java is about 96 with different types of tourism.

It starts from beaches, waterfalls, dams, amusement parks, museums and more. So, are you interested in spending your holiday time in Java Kulon? Your vacation should be more enjoyable if you choose one of the districts above the holiday.

There are countless counties compared to cities in the province. But  if you are trying to explore these different districts, there should be interesting things to find.   There are many regencies in West Java, but they all have their own natural beauty.

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