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Bose Service Center Reutions for professional audio equipment

The Bosch   Services Center is an  attempt by Bosch Corporation 1 to  provide  ideal service  to users and consumers of this voice product from the United States.  Bose, known as a company that produces a wide range of audio systems, such  as headphones or professional voice  requirements, firmly protects its patents.

Since its founding by Amar Bose in 1964, this brand has become very famous in the world of international voice technology  . There are already personal patents and trademarks known as quality and reliable products, whether for own or professional use.

Production of Bose products is being carried out in the United States, Mexico, China, and Malaysia, such as preachers, headlines, or loudspeakers. It not only produces audio equipment but also supplies audio systems to a number of the world’s carmakers since 2007.

To maintain the convenience of users of its products, Bose service centres are open in different countries and can be accessed both offline and online For those experiencing problems, you can apply for repair services or ask for a variety of bots products using a website or a call center.

You  can apply for a modification using the unique series number owned by each Bose device. It contains a KT and a continuous number and is a sign that  the product is an original product. This serial number is desperately needed as a function.

Searching for Product Numbers

Each Bose manufacturer’s product is a unique serial number or 4-digit code indicated on the original product or packaging This unusual number is usually easily found at the bottom or back, and in some products this serial number is displayed near the barcode.

For most products, it is a code that contains 4 gigitas of the product from 17 digital or headphone products. This continuous number will be used when visiting bots service center services .

With this product serial number, it ensures the authenticity of the goods you buy and The Bose Connection, Music, Sleep and Here program Connecting to these programs and audio devices can also help you search for a serial number if you don’t find it.

Go to  App – Stings – Product Info. It  may be easy to report services to the service department by knowing unique devices. Unique series can also be known through the device’s manual and insurance book.

If you haven’t seen your device’s unique serial number yet, please  contact the Bose Service Center. The Governor checks the serial number If you just need to keep in touch and provide information about the device, we will check the product directly.

Bose Audio Manufacturing Repair Service

The product comes from a well-known brand and despite a long service resistance, every item used will surely be damaged at any time However, the possibility of damage is not ruled out; this is also true of Bose audio equipment, especially if they are not properly maintained.

When you encounter device damage problems, the best way is to use the help of an authorized service, because repairs will be performed with a guaranteed safety guarantee and are guaranteed. If you want to use  audio equipment repair services, you  can go to the BOse Services Department.

If you don’t want to be bothered to come directly into the service area, visit by visiting the website or contacting the nearest contact service station On. If you want to use offline or online services, you must start by entering the device’s unique number (serial number).

However, while you don’t know the unique number of devices, you can request that the service team be checked.If you come directly to the service station, The check will be made by looking directly at the device, but if made online, you can send you photos or videos of the device you have.

Manufacturing repair services can only be provided in the original product, so if a continuous figure is not found, it means that the device cannot be repaired at the service station without being able to prove it to be genuine, so it is very important to make sure the product is absolutely genuine when buying.

Launch of new manufacturing repair service

If you want to apply to the BOC Services Department offline to prepare the goods, you must take the device to the service station. The number will be checked, and if the serial number is passed, it will be done immediately at the registration desk. Then, the team will inspect the damage to the device.

Checking for damage usually takes 1×24 hours, and once damage is detected , it will provide information on the damage and how to repair it. People are also informed about the costs of repairs if they do not have a guarantee , and will be updated after consumers agree on the cost.

Depending on the difficulty of repairing, repairs can take up to 7 working days; consumers will be contacted when the repair is completed to pick up the goods; depending on the repaired section, at least 1 to 3 months are ordered to be repaired.

If you apply for a modification at the Bose Online Services Center. You can do this via the website or contact Hotline.  Then fill in the full name and  address In addition, fill in the products for the technician’s reservation by filling in  the face-to-face contact number. Enter the device’s continuous number or 4 digital unique code.

The administrator will then set a time limit for the technician’s visit, and this is a coming case to inspect the technical team.  You will be notified about how to repair the damage and how to repair its costs; if it is still within the insurance period, the fee is free.

Sales of various pronunciation products and accessories

In addition to providing corrective services and finding serial numbers, Bose Services Center also latest and old products Consumers can search for  the latest bots products before deciding to buy them.

You can also purchase original products and accessories directly or online.  You  can align directly with the device at the site of the sale and access the service or the official Bosch website and store.

Home theaters, headphones and health products are widely  selected, you can see the full product specifications and watch the demo via demo video. All devices  are genuine products and can be connected to the appropriate appliance.

The legal guarantee ensures that you get the best product, and when you encounter problems during the insurance period, you can request an aid center immediately. The availability of components also guarantees that your device can still be used for a long time, so it is not the kind of tool that is discarded after the damage is done.

For full information on product and availability of spare parts, you can check the website directly or contact nearest service station To make it easier, you  can have an account on the official website to make the latest information and the best projects available.

Various audio devices from Bose have good sustainability, but do not rule out the possibility of damage. If  your device is damaged, the device is a Make sure you have a continuous number-setter, then  you  can go directly to a Bosch service station or use online services.

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